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In 2016, the online casino industry is growing faster than ever. Millions of players log in to online casinos on a daily basis to enjoy the thrill of the games available. New online casinos are launched on a regular basis, and the competition among the many operators on the market is fierce. In order to stand out from the competition, many casinos choose to give out free spins when new players join, giving them a completely free chance at winning cash. At, we focus on finding the best ways to make profit of these freebies. There’s a whole art behind this, as many free offers comes with unreasonable wagering requirements, but if you know what to look for you can strike gold with certain free spins offers. We’ve put together a list below of the best available free spins on the market today, so that you can start playing directly. However, we’d recommend that you keep reading in order to find out more about what’s important to keep in mind when playing with these bonuses.

OperatorFree Bonus1st Deposit BonusVisit
20 free spins200% bonus + 180 free spinsVisit Now
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5 free spins100% bonus + 15 free spinsVisit Now

The dark side of free spins (and how to get around it)cash-machine

Once upon a time, casinos could reliably draw in customers merely with flashy signs, girl dancers, and plenty of alcohol. This isn’t the case so much any more, especially as online gambling has vastly expanded the size of the industry and introduced a considerable degree of competition into an already cut-throat business. Advertisements, both print and online, don’t have the attractive power they once held.

The alternative now is for casinos to begin offering various welcome and loyalty bonuses and perks to make selecting and committing to a casino a more attractive proposition. No deposit bonus offers have become especially popular, with no deposit free spins being particularly widespread. But just as Las Vegas was built on losers, so too are online casinos – free spins are never what they seem, and no deposit casino websites always have built-in caveats that you should be aware of before you sign up for a seemingly “great” bonus.

As any logical person would do, you no doubt spent a fair amount of time looking for a good casino to commit to. The free spin bonuses they offer (especially if it’s a no deposit required free spin bonus) factor in the decision for many members to sign up to, and these typically range anywhere from 10 to 200 free spins, with casinos advertising “free spins no deposit required!” usually being on the stingier side – casinos like gamblers who put down hard cash first. Accumulating these free spins is an essential part of extending your cash amount and your gambling session, but as is the case with anything free – it’s never just as simple as getting free spins and going straight to the reels.

Most of the time, when you sign up for a casino that offers plenty of slots games you’ll be given some kind of a free spin bonus. The size of these bonuses varies considerably from one casino to the next, but the end goal is always the same; turn those spins into some serious cash. But always look at the stipulations and terms that come attached to them, because seldom casinos aren’t really giving way free money.

mobile-slotsThere is always a possibility, however slim it may be, that you’ll land a huge win when using your free spins, possibly even a jackpot. When you consider how many free spins are given away each year to all the members that sign up, this is a statistical near-certainty. Casinos anticipate this, and free spins often come with a hard cap imposed on what you can win with them. No deposit free spins are especially susceptible to this, as casinos don’t want you walking away with anything. On top of that, wagering requirements are often imposed upon their use, forcing you to gamble the equivalent of 20, 30 or more times what the value of the spins were calculated at just to withdraw winnings accrued from them. Putting it simply, if you are given £20 worth of free spins with a 25x-wagering requirement, this means that you must wager £500 of your own money first before you can even draw your free spin winnings.

To say that wagering requirements are controversial is an understatement. This often-unpopular stipulation is still widely used by casinos everywhere, and they are reluctant to let it go. Some promise to do away with them entirely, or to let you work some of the multiplier off, but most only offer a waiver on it if you play certain slot games. Don’t expect these to be ones that pay a lot of money given the situation.

Online casinos don’t outright rig games – that is incredibly illegal and would have many of the site’s developers and administrators pulled in front of a court. But short of outright rigging they will resort to other sometimes-underhanded tactics to protect their profit margins. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Be especially wary of ones that breathlessly advertise free spins no deposit required or some variation thereof. These likely come with a huge number of restrictions and stipulations, complicating what is intentionally designed to be a simple and straightforward bonus. Always read the terms fully before you commit.

Other types of free bonuses

Free spins are great if you like slots, but what about if you prefer other games? Luckily, there are pelnty of free bonuses out there that you can use on other classic games such as Roulette. If you’re looking for a free roulette bonus, you can visit This casino portal collects the best Roulette offers and list them on their site, which makes it easy for you to find a suitable offer!